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Zahnpasta: Rot Weiss
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Brand name:

The brand name describes the suggested way of brushing the teeth as recommended by dentists – from ROT (red), the gums, to WEISS (white), the teeth.

The problem:

Cavities, tartar and gum disease are among the most common oral diseases, and they can significantly affect your well-being.

The cause:

The move away from food that requires more chewing toward fast food and ready-made meals, usually accompanied by a high sugar content, causes plaque to accumulate on and between the teeth. Bacteria feed on these food scraps and produce tooth-damaging acids that can attack the teeth and irritate the gums.

The solution:

When used regularly, Rot-Weiss toothpaste provides comprehensive protection and long-term care for teeth and gums of the whole family. The active ingredient sodium monofluorophosphate, at an optimal dose of 1250 ppm fluoride, guarantees an effective cavity protection.

Its long-lasting mint flavour and a mild polishing agent provide a pleasantly fresh, clean feeling for your mouth.

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