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Silcadont green mint

The problem:

In addition to the familiar dental problems like cavities and tartar, gum problems are also a widespread phenomenon. Depending on the patient‘s age and habits, irritated or infected gums can be accompanied by irreparable gum recession and exposed tooth necks.

The cause:

As a common lifestyle disease, gum disease can now be found in every age group. One of the main reasons for its increase in frequency is the move away from foods that need more chewing toward fast food and ready-made dishes. Often, soreness leads to limited dental hygiene, which means that gum-damaging plaque can collect and is not adequately removed. That causes further toxic damage to the gums. As a result, receding gums or periodontitis can lead to irreparable damage; exposed tooth necks then become an unpleasant lifelong companion.

The solution:

When used regularly, Silcadont green mint toothpaste offers comprehensive  protection  and  lasting  care  for  your  teeth  and  gums.  Allantoin  and selected herbal extracts of chamomile, sage and myrrh strengthen the gums and  can  help  prevent  inflammations.  The  active-ingredient  combination  of sodium  fluoride  and  pyrophosphates  provides  reliable  protection  against cavities and tartar.

An energizing flavor profile with notes of eucalyptus, anise and mint provides long-lasting fresh breath and a pleasant feeling for your mouth.

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