Silcadont blue mint

The problem:

Cavities, tartar and gum disease are among the most common lifestyle diseases, and they can significantly impact your well-being.

The cause:

The move away from food that requires more chewing toward fast food and ready-made meals that are high in sugar causes plaque to collect on and between the teeth. Bacteria feed on these food scraps and produce tooth-damaging acids that can attack the teeth and irritate the gums.

The solution:

When used regularly, Silcadont blue mint toothpaste provides comprehensive protection and long-term care for your teeth and gums. An optimal dose of sodium fluoride (1450 ppm of fluoride) guarantees especially effective cavity protection, while the antibacterial ingredient zinc chloride provides reliable protection against plaque and tartar.

Its long-lasting mint flavor provides a pleasantly fresh, clean feeling for your mouth.

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