Cool Fresh

The problem:

Children who have started school should use a toothpaste which contains the right amount of fluoride for their age for optimal caries prophylaxis. Toothpaste should taste good and make teeth cleaning fun – therefore a special toothpaste is required for kids – for the age appropriate transition from the children‘s toothpaste they have used up until then, to the adult‘s toothpaste they will later use.

The cause:

After their second, permanent set of teeth have come through, the development stage of the dental enamel begins. In order to keep the permanent teeth healthy for as long as possible, the use of a so-called adult‘s toothpaste is recommended from this time on. Most kids, however, find this unpleasant, hard and boring.

The solution:

At this age, it is not just the correct fluoride content (1450 ppm) that is important for dental and oral hygiene (recommendations of the DGZMK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde e.V. – registered German Association for Dental, Oral and Jaw Medicine), the DGK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin – German Association of Paediatrics and Youth Medicine) and the DGE Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung – German Nutrition Society)), but also a great taste and an appealing look that helps to motivate regular teeth cleaning.

el-ce med COOL FRESH for cool kids

• with optimal, age-based fluoride content
• with extra calcium for strong teeth
• cool gel toothpaste with glitter effect
• with extra cool BUBBLEGUM flavour