Putzi children tooth gel

• fluoride-free
• without artificial preservatives
• without artificial colorants
• without artificial sweeteners
• contains Xylitol, Calcium and Vitamin E

Children should be introduced to continuous teeth brushing habits as early as possible. Since healthy primary dentition is an important prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. However, especially young children are not able to rinse their mouth properly, which results in various amounts of toothpaste being swallowed.

The fluoride-free Putzi Children Tooth Gel was developed especially for children aged 0 to 3 years to encourage brushing from the very first tooth.

Harmful  plaque,  the  main  cause  for  tooth  decay,  is  removed  gently but efficiently by low abrasive silica. The active ingredient Xylitol  inhibits bacterial growth and supports caries prophylaxis. Calcium and  Vitamin  E  support  remineralisation  and  take  care  of  the  infantile  mucous membranes.

The  fluoride-free  Putzi  Children  Tooth  Gel  is  free  from  artificial  colorants, sweeteners and preservatives. So the product is completely safe, if some is swallowed.

Additionally, mild mint flavour and an amazing glitter effect will make tooth brushing fun.

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