ready-to-use mouthwash elkadent KRÄUTER – gum protection

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elkadent KRÄUTER – gum protection

The problem:

In addition to bad breath and an unpleasant feeling in their mouths, many people also suffer from infected or irritated gums. Instead of traditional mouthwash concentrates that need to be diluted before use, try a ready-to-use mouthwash for optimal dental and oral hygiene.

The cause:

After you enjoy foods or beverages, dangerous plaque bacteria develop right in the places between your teeth that are hard or impossible for your tooth-brush to reach. They can attack your teeth and irritate your gums.

The solution:

Our elkadent Kräuter – Gum Protection is a logical and necessary addition to  your  daily  dental  and  oral  hygiene,  because  it  also  works  in  the  places between your teeth that are hard or impossible for your toothbrush to reach.

When used regularly after every brushing, elkadent Kräuter – Gum Protection comprehensively and effectively prevents cavities and new deposits on  your  teeth.  In  addition,  proven  natural  herbal  extracts  of  chamomile, calendula and sage care for and strengthen your gums.

Our elkadent Kräuter – Gum Protection mouthwash provides your breath with  long-lasting,  energizing  freshness  and  gives  your  mouth  a  clean, pleasant feeling all day long.

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