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The problem:

Every day teeth are exposed to various sources of irritation such as heat, cold and also sugary and acidic foods. If you experience pain because of this it is often said that you have sensitive teeth. This widespread problem leads to a restricted quality of life for many sufferers, as the enjoyment of many foods and drinks is clouded by unpleasant pain.

The cause:

Exposure of the neck of the tooth due to receding gums is proven to be the most common cause of sensitive teeth. Tiny tubules are exposed by receding gums – these transport the different irritants directly to the nerve of the tooth, causing pain and discomfort.

The solution:

The active-ingredient complex of el-ce med SENSITIV DIREKT toothpaste seals these tubules and can therefore relieve pain. For a long-lasting effect it is recommended to brush your teeth regularly twice a day using el-ce med SENSITIV DIREKT – as el-ce med SENSITIV DIREKT does not only relieve pain, but also effectively protects teeth against caries through its optimal fluoride content. In addition antibacterial zinc helps against plaque and tartar.

  • proven combination of ingredients
  • lasting effect with long term pain relief
  • antibacterial due to zinc chloride
  • supporting sensitive ingredient potassium citrate.
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