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el-ce med KRÄUTER PLUS

The problem:

Aside from the well-known dental problems like tooth decay and dental plaque that are most frequently brought to the dentists, the gums are also often the subject of discussion in a consultation with specialized dental staff. Depending on the patient’s age, lifestyle habits and hereditary predisposition, problems to be found include infected, irritated or even bleeding gums, as well as irreparable gum disease, which can lead to exposed tooth necks.

The cause:

The increase of gum diseases is mainly due to our changed eating habits. Nowadays we tend to consume fast food and ready-made meals rather than food that requires active chewing. To date, this has resulted in gum problems for almost every age group. If not recognized and treated early on, receding gums and periodontitis can lead to irreparable damage. Subsequently, exposed tooth necks might become an unpleasant companion for a lifetime. It is not unusual that an already painful condition results in limited oral hygiene and, as a consequence, accumulations of plaque are inadequately removed, resulting in further toxic damage to the gums.

The solution:

el-ce med KRÄUTER PLUS offers complete protection and lasting care to keep the teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible. In addition to an active formula that gently but effectively fights dangerous plaque, the main cause of tooth decay, periodontitis and tartar, el-ce med KRÄUTER PLUS contains valuable herbal extracts from nature’s pharmacy:

  • healing chamomile
  • anti-inflammatory myrrh
  • protective sage
  • revitalizing peppermint

These natural herbs ensure that gums are cared for and strengthened, while at the same time noticeably reducing signs of gingivitis. A fresh, revitalizing aroma composition gives this toothpaste a distinctive, fresh character. Thus, el-ce med KRÄUTER PLUS will give you a pleasant fresh breath and a comfortably clean feeling in the mouth.

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