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el-ce med Dent White

The problem:

In addition to cavities, periodontitis and tartar, unsightly staining is becoming more and more common in the field of dental and oral hygiene. Often, it is treated with aggressive toothpastes that can lead to significant tooth damage.

The cause:

Colorants from foods and beverages like coffee, tea and red wine, and especially from cigarette smoke, sit on the surface of the teeth and can lead to unsightly staining.

The solution:

el-ce med Dent White (a new generation whitening toothpaste)
In contrast to previous whitening toothpastes, el-ce med Dent White contains a highly effective tooth-whitening formula. According to a study by Indiana University, it removes unsightly deposits from the teeth more effectively, but also very gently. An effective abrasive system gently restores teeth to their natural shining white color without damaging the tooth itself. In optimal doses, sodium fluoride actively prevents cavities. Carbamide neutralizes tooth-damaging acids and aids the natural saliva blocking system, while keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Vergleich PCR-Wert, RDA-Wert

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