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el-ce med COMPLETE plus Whitening

The problem:

In addition to cavities, periodontitis and tartar, unsightly staining is becoming more and more common in the area of dental and oral hygiene. Often, it is treated with aggressive toothpastes that can lead to significant tooth damage.

The cause:

Colorants from foods and beverages like coffee, tea and red wine, along with frequent tobacco  consumption,  can  lead  to  unsightly  staining  of  the  teeth.  These  discolored deposits cannot be removed with conventional toothpastes.

After every meal, plaque acids develop inside the mouth and attack the teeth and gums, which can lead to cavities and periodontitis.

The solution:

Regularly using el-ce med COMPLETE plus Whitening restores teeth to their natural white color. The active ingredient Pentasodium Triphosphate starts by dissolving discolored deposits on the tooth‘s surface. They are then removed gently but thoroughly with medium-abrasive particles.

In optimal doses, the ingredient sodium fluoride actively prevents cavities. Urea (carbamide), a component of the natural saliva blocking system, neutralizes tooth-damaging acids and helps keep cavities from forming while keeping your teeth and gums healthy. A carefully chosen flavor profile makes your mouth feel pleasantly fresh and clean.

Brushing daily with el-ce med COMPLETE plus Whitening provides comprehensive protection against cavities, periodontitis, plaque and bad breath, and it also helps restore the natural white color of your teeth.

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