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el-ce med Brillant Weiss 3D

The problem:

Aside from the most frequently diagnosed dental diseases like tooth decay, periodontitis and tartar, unattractive staining of the teeth is becoming an increasingly common problem brought to the dentists. Although the application of special whitening toothpaste with an aggressive cleaning performance might bring short-term success, a permanent use of these products can lead to serious and irreparable tooth damage.

The cause:

The natural ageing of the teeth, the indulgence of coffee, tea or red wine, as well as regular smoking can lead to unaesthetic discolouration of the tooth surface and, in particular, the interdental spaces. The original natural white loses its pleasing, attractive charisma, which can lead to an unattractive appearance.

The solution:

el-ce med BRILLANT WEISS 3D combines a fully tried and tested dental prophylaxis with the so-called BRILLANT WEISS 3D-effect to keep teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible. At the same time, natural teeth whitening is revitalized to achieve an attractive, charismatic smile. The combination of selected ingredients provides complete all-round protection:

  • natural teeth whitening *
  • gum protection
  • caries prophylaxis
  • plaque protection
  • long-lasting breath freshness

* The result depends on the original colour of the teeth.

Particularly important: no aggressive abrasives that can attack the enamel or the tooth neck (dentine) and thus damage healthy teeth are employed. el-ce med BRILLANT WEISS 3D features a medium abrasion and thereby enables a gentle, yet effective removal of unattractive dental plaque. Furthermore, el-ce med BRILLANT WEISS 3D does not contain any chemical bleaching agent.

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