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Quality Management

The only guarantee for reliable, uniform quality are strict rules, complete monitoring and the respective basic uncompromising approach that begins with the responsible selection of the raw materials and ends only when the finished product has arrived at the shelf. All incoming goods – whether they are raw materials or packaging materials – are tested by our in-house quality assurance for their specific properties and assured quality parameters. Only raw and packaging materials that fulfill the necessary quality parameters will reach the production cycle.

constant quality without compromises

Our trained staff monitors the complete production process, including the preparation of sample batches and the entire filling process.
The final product is coded to ensure traceability all the way back to the employed raw materials and packaging materials. Receipt of goods, preparation and filling processes as well as the reference sample management are recorded in the enterprise resource planning and can be accessed by qualified personnel at all times.

certified for the future

The observance of all legal stipulations regarding the manufacturing of cosmetic is a matter of course for us. We produce according to the hygiene regulations of the Cosmetics GMP and we are certified according to the requirements of IFS Household and Personal Care Products.
DENTAL-Kosmetik GmbH & Co.KG is among the first European companies that have successfully passed through IFS-HPC certification.
This certification offers retailers an effective benchmarking system for the selection of suppliers in the private label sector. Their choice of a suitable supplier is facilitated and supported, particularly through the:

  • Proof of fulfillment of the corporate duty of care regarding product safety, product legality and product quality,
  • Strengthening of consumer and commercial enterprise trust in the company‘s performance,
  • Systematic analysis and realization of safe and efficient operational processes in terms of food safety,
  • Proof that product safety obligations have been fulfilled,
  • Mutual international recognition of this certificate