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el-ce med TOTAL CARE 40 VITAL

The problem:

With increasing age, teeth and gums need reliable protection and lasting care to withstand everyday stresses and strains. Receding gums, exposed tooth roots, the wearing of enamel and a lack of breath freshness are the focus of comprehensive, lasting tooth care that aims to keep teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible.

The cause:

Our new health, well-being and fitness orientated lifestyle has resulted in regular acid attacks by wine, fruits and fruit juices, which can soften the enamel and allowing it to be worn down by brushing even more easily. This lifestyle has also changed our eating habits. Nowadays we tend to consume food with a higher sugar content that requires less chewing action and irregular snacking between meals, when a toothbrush is not always at hand, is common. This results in a higher stress factor for the teeth and gums, and one cannot simply ward off every acid attack over the course of the day with tooth care chewing gum.

The solution:

el-ce med TOTAL CARE 40 VITAL contains a fully tried and tested combination of active ingredients tailored to the needs of mature teeth. Regular brushing with el-ce med TOTAL CARE 40 VITAL effectively prevents signs of the natural ageing process and guarantees reliable, lasting all-round protection of teeth and gums:

  • gentle but effective removal of plaque
  • protection and care of the gums
  • prevention of gingivitis
  • antibacterial effect
  • highly effective caries prophylaxis
  • protection against tartar
  • long-lasting fresh breath and the pleasant feeling of a clean mouth

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